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SSOL, through its pathway to certification as an SSOL Schroth Physical Therapist, seeks to train physical therapists worldwide in a proven method of physical therapy for the conservative treatment of scoliosis and other spinal conditions.  In recognition of the international need for qualified professionals to treat individuals with scoliosis and other spinal conditions, SSOL employs a broad approach to educating and training qualified physical therapists and maintains the highest professional standards in recruiting and training its teachers to educate these PTs. SSOL operates on a core belief that the lifeblood of any organization is the inclusion of new individuals who will bring fresh ideas and energy, thereby promoting the organization’s vitality and growth.  That growth must be calibrated to the needs of the scoliosis community and in particular the needs of individuals with scoliosis and other spinal conditions.

SSOL’s pathway to certification begins with an in-depth academic course that educates students in the fundamentals of scoliosis and spinal conditions.  Upon completion of this online course, the pathway continues with two separate six-day in-person workshops, Practical 1 (P1) and Practical 2 (P2), that focus on the practical aspects of assessment and treatment.  Physical therapists who complete P1 will be certified as SSOL Schroth   Physical Therapists and those who successfully complete the entire pathway will be certified as SSOL Schroth Advanced Physical Therapists.

Introduction to Scoliosis and Spinal Conditions

  • 24-hour online course.

  • Open to all health care and fitness professionals.

  • Covers the science of scoliosis and spinal conditions, etiology, pathogenesis and pathomechanism, progression factors, clinical and radiological assessments, introduction to adult spinal deformities, activities of daily living and sport, overview of bracing and surgery.

  • Certificate of Completion provided upon passing online exam.

  • Prerequisite to Practical Part1 (P1).

  • Fee: USD $250

Practical Part1 (P1)

  • 6-day in person course.

  • Open to PTs and also to PTAs who work with a PT certified by any Schroth-based school.

  • Prerequisite: Certificate of Completion of online course Introduction to Scoliosis and Spinal Conditions (or equivalent), issued no earlier than six months and no later than one month prior to P1.

  • Includes labs, lectures and patient demonstrations.

  • Covers Schroth-based principles for treating scoliosis and spinal conditions, basic exercises for each curve type (full hanging, semi-hanging, supine, prone on knees, prone on stool, side lying, sitting, standing, Schroth walk), clinical and radiological evaluation, individual treatment plans, team approach to treatment, adult spinal deformity.

  • Certification as an SSOL Schroth  Physical Therapist upon passing exam.

  • Certification valid for 3 years.

  • Fee: USD $2,500

Practical Part2 (P2)

  • 6-day in person course.

  • Open to PTs and PTAs who have completed P1 (or equivalent).

  • Prerequisite: Successful completion of P1 no earlier than three years and no later than one year prior to P2; submission of case study of patient treated by PT after P1 certification.

  • Includes labs, lectures and hands-on treatment of patients.

  • Covers in-depth, hands-on evaluation and treatment skills working one-on-one with patients, improving competency, post-operative treatment.

  • Permanent certification as an SSOL Schroth  Advanced Physical Therapist upon passing exam.

  • Fee: USD $2,500

Free Monthly SSOL Schroth Webinars for all SSOL Certified and Registered PTs and PTAs

  • Monthly webinars on the second Sunday of each month at 10 am Eastern Standard Time.

  • Open to all SSOL Schroth Therapists and all PTs who have enrolled in one or more of the SSOL courses that are part of the pathway (and to other PTs by invitation).

  • Presented by SSOL co-founders Hagit Berdishevsky, Andrea Lebel, or special guest.

  • Monthly webinars will cover current topics in scoliosis and spinal conditions, will allow SSOL Schroth  Physical Therapists and SSOL Schroth   Advanced Physical Therapists to remain up-to-date with the latest science-based knowledge.

  • Direct access to SSOL Schroth  teachers for case discussion and Q&A.

Transition Certification Course (TR)

  • 3-day in-person course or 18 online hours. 

  • Open to PTs certified by a Schroth-based school who wish to refresh knowledge and transition to become certified as an SSOL Schroth  Advanced Physical Therapist.

  • Covers full review of basic and advanced exercises, labs focusing on tailoring exercises to specific cases for all ages and all conditions, PT students’ opportunity to discuss their own patients’ cases, discussion of advanced topics in scoliosis.

  • Permanent certification as an SSOL Schroth   Advanced Physical Therapist upon passing exam.

  • Fee: USD $1,500

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