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Multifactorial and a three-dimensional spinal deformity (J. Dubousset)

Scolosis affects 2-4% of teen population and 30% of the adult popoulation.

Every 10th teen diagnosed, will need some type of treatment, scoliosis specific Schroth physiotherapy, full time or part time bracing or spinal fusion or non-fusion surgery.


Diagnosis is usually confirmed by an X-ray.

When a radiograph is viewed from the front or back, normal X-ray would show a straight line.   The spine of an individual with scoliosis would show an "S" or a "C" shape.


COBB angle measurment of 10 degrees or more will be diagnosed as Scoliosis.


Angle of trunk rotation (ATR) 5-7 degrees should be monitored closely (every 2-3 months) while a child is still growing.

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