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Surgery should not be the only option, 

 it should be the last ! 

What are treatment

options ?

"Wait and See" Method:

Small curves (less than 25 degrees) are traditionally not treated. Children are referred for X-ray periodically to evaluate if scoliosis has progressed. "Wait and See" is not beneficial for teens with high risk of progression.


Scoliosis specific Schroth physiotherapy is very beneficial for small curves before or instead of bracing in most cases.


"Try and See" Method:

Instead of waiting, prevent scoliosis progression by doing Scoliosis Specific Schroth PT Exercises supervised by Certified Schroth PT.


Scoliosis Specific Physiotherapy:

Schroth Method for small, medium and large curves. Often advised before bracing and with conjunction of part time or full time bracing. Before and after spinal fusion and non-fusion surgeries (VBT and ApiFix).



Some of these braces available in Canada to treat scoliosis with PSSE during bracing treatment: Wood-Rigo-Cheneau, Rigo-Cheneau, Gensingen combined with Schroth PT,

ART bracing combined with Lyon method physiotherapy,

Schroth, SEAS, FITs, Dodomed, RPG, Klapp, methods exercises are published to be effective in halting scoliosis curve progression and even reduce the curvatures in some cases.


Cobb angle measured 25 degrees and larger should be braced, based on SRS guidelines, to prevent curve progression when vertical growth of the teens are still expected.


Risk of Curve Progression depends on several factors:

Age, gender and curve magnitude are factors most likely to influence progression in children. In the immature patient, the risk of progression is primarily related to growth potential. Thus, incidence of progression is highest in children with curve detection prior to 10 years of age (JIS). The highest level of progression occurs during rapid, adolescent growth spurts (Risser 0-3).



With Cobb angles more than 50 degrees, spinal fusion surgery may be suggested based on SRS guidelines. Non-surgical method of treatment when scoliosis curvature is severe, could still be effective in avoiding surgery in some cases. 

Non-fusion surgeries maybe recommended at a lower Cobb degree. 

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