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BSPTS C2 Course: 

PRICING $2800 for 6 day C2 course

C1 Certification completed in the prior 1-3 years.   C2 will continue to be offered for the next 3 years (through 2022), in order for individuals who started under the last certification to complete it.
C1 certified physical therapists, with at least 12 months experience using the method.

  1. Improve competency in physical therapy patient evaluation and curve classification (clinical and radiological).

  2. Develop understanding of application of BSPTS Schroth principles according to age and patient condition: juveniles, adolescents, and adults. 

  3. Improve hands-on patient care skills with basic 3-D principles of correction according to BSPTS principles.

  4. Understand and observe implementation of group exercise programs.

  5. Further understand multidisciplinary approach to conservative management of scoliosis.

  6. Apply recent applicable SOSORT updates to the clinical setting.

  7. Develop specific treatment plans and goals based on the patient presentation.

  8. Increase understanding of the physical therapy role in supporting brace management.

  9. Cultivate understanding of modifications of exercises for post-operative care.

C2 is an in-depth review of C1 course content, with emphasis on improving evaluation and treatment planning skills, proper BSPTS curve classification (clinical assessment and radiological confirmation), facilitation and handling techniques for juvenile, adolescent, and adults with scoliosis. 
The C1 certified physical therapist must provide a therapist background summary, including copy of C1 certificate,  at time of application as well as providing a Case Review within 30 days of course start date for discussion during the course. CLICK HERE for Case Review Requirements.
Course format includes lectures, student labs for evaluation and exercise, and live patient demonstration. On the final day participants will take a practical certification exam in order to obtain C2 certification. All physical therapists trained are required to abide by BSPTS practice ethics and will be required to sign an Ethics of Practice Agreement at the beginning of the course. 

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