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Schroth BSPTS C1 Certification Course

3-D Treatment of Scoliosis according to Principles of C.L. Schroth

Dates: December 13th - December 21th 2018

The comprehensive 8.5 day C-1 Schroth Scoliosis course now offered in Canada provides detailed explanation of anatomy, etiology, examination, and treatment of scoliosis according to the principles of Schroth - a European method used, respected in Europe for decades, and researched in Canada. Physical Therapists will learn to recognize and treat different scoliosis curve patterns and receive introduction to bracing principles. Course includes lectures, extensive lab time with patients, and certification (pending passing of exam). Participants will leave with immediate skills for 1:1 (individual) evaluation and treatment of idiopathic scoliosis. Course size is limited so early registration is advised.


*Course for certification is only open to physical therapists.

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