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BSPTS L1 Course: Specific principles, strategies of corrections and basic positions

​The original 9 day C1 course has been replaced with the:

  • BASIC online course or in person at 3 days.

  • LEVEL 1 course at 6 days.

PRICING $2800 for 6 day L1 course

BASIC course with a passing exam to proceed to Level 1 training.  The BASIC course is available online or in person.
Level 1 course is only open to physical therapists.

  • Understand history of Schroth method and relationship to BSPTS.

  • Understand multidisciplinary approach to conservative management of scoliosis.

  • Perform an individualized scoliosis patient clinical evaluation.

  • Understand radiological variables in scoliosis assessment and classification.

  • Identify scoliosis patient appropriate for conservative management.

  • Develop specific treatment plans and goals.

  • Treat patients with basic 3D principles of correction according to BSPTS.

  • Treat in 5 basic starting positions (supine, prone, side-lying, sitting and standing).

  • Teach joint protection and proper ADL principles for patients with scoliosis.

Course curriculum includes Schroth principles of 3-D exercises for sensory-motor and kinesthetic development. Goals of treatment are to facilitate corrections of the altered posture and teach the patient to maintain corrections in daily living in order to minimize progression of spinal deformity.

Six day L1 course provides in-depth explanation of anatomy, etiology, clinical examination, and treatment of scoliosis. Participants will learn to recognize, evaluate, and treat different scoliosis curve patterns. Other concepts covered include bracing, radiological positioning (Cobb angle axial rotation, central sacral line, transitional point, Risser) and Sagittal configuration.
Schroth principles of correction:pelvic corrections, correction of the postural collapse (auto-elongation), correction of the front component (deflection), correction of the rotation component (de-rotation), rotational breathing, facilitation and stabilization.
BSPTS principles:  Auto-elongation and postural deflection and de-rotation from a 3D postural corrected and stable pelvis (detorsion); increase of the de-rotational component through tensional pair-of-forces – Asymmetrical Sagittal Straightening; Increase of the deflection component throughout frontal posture over-correction and or tensional force-counter-force; reshape the trunk throughout control of the internal volumes and breathing mechanics.
Course format includes lectures, labs for evaluation and exercise, and live patient demonstration. On the final day participants will take an exam.  The L1 trained physical therapist must take the L2 training course within 1-3 years.  NOTE:  If you have already taken C1, C2 will continue to be offered for the next 3 years (through 2022), in order for individuals who started under the last certification to finish it.

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