BSPTS L2 Course: Advanced exercises and demonstration

The L2 course dives deeper into the BSPTS-concept, involving more exercises as well as new loading and special starting positions. A core focus of the L2 is practical application with participants applying all they have learned, working under the observation of the teacher on each other and real patients.

PRICING : $2800 for 6 day L2 course

Course Outline:

  • Review of BSPTS Concept thus far

  • Special Exercises for Scheuermann

  • Special exercises for Scoliosis

  • Importance of Integration and Task Oriented exercises

  • Observing Therapy in Group

  • Observing and Practising all the positions with Models

  • Self-practice (Instructor/Therapist and Therapist/Therapist)

  • Demo sessions with Model

  • Practice one to one with Model

  • Guidelines to prepare for L3

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