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BSPTS Basic Course: Knowledge of Spinal Deformities

The BASIC course is 3 days, available in person or online. Previously this content was incorporated into C1. A passing exam is required to continue training with LEVEL 1 course.

Physical Therapists, Orthotists, Doctors, Allied Health Medical Professionals, Chiropractors, Wellness providers; Exercise Physiologists.  Open to the public at large.

  • Fundamental understanding scoliosis and hyperkyphosis

  • Overview of basic science, evaluation, indications for treatment and referral 

  • Explanation about the PT role coordination of care

  • Differentiation of physiotherapeutic scoliosis-specific exercise vs. general PT

  • Descriptions for “safe practices” for entry level therapists

  • References provided related to recent research on conservative management of scoliosis.

The instructor hopes to improve the early detection, evaluation, and intervention for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, Scheuermann’s disease, and adult-onset scoliosis in order to facilitate best practices for clinicians seeing these patients. 
Scoliosis and hyperkyphosis are often under-diagnosed and under-treated conditions in both children and adults.  Whereas treatment for these conditions requires hands-on advanced continuing education, clinicians will benefit from improved understanding of diagnostic criteria of scoliosis and hyperkyphosis, including: identifying clinical signs of scoliosis and hyperkyphosis in adults and children, referring for x-ray diagnosis, coordinating care based upon key variables, and applying protective principles for scoliosis and hyperkyphosis in the clinical setting.   

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